Pursuing a Commercial Loan?

Diversified Commercial Lending Solutions has a proven track record of getting you the money you need. Our strength is working through the difficult obstacles in obtaining a commercial loan. If you’ve been turned down elsewhere, no problem! We excel at turning “no” into “yes”. Our loan-closing ratio is one of the highest nationwide. Let us be your first step, at no cost, to securing your commercial loan. We can get it done!

Here at Diversified Commercial Lending Solutions Group, Inc., we offer:

Expertise and a Proven Track Record

  • Equity based lending with wide and flexible terms
  • Whether purchasing an existing business or getting cash from your current operations, we have the resources and personnel to get it done

At Diversified Commercial Lending Solutions Group, Inc.,

We consider every client family, assisting and obtaining the funds that you want. Every company is unique. From your business model to your exact financing needs, you deserve something tailored to you.

Recently Funded Transactions

N Realty Investors

N Realty Investors; $400,000 Construction Loan; The company located in Parsippany New Jersey is a builder of high end residential homes

Patient Pocket, LLc

Patient Pocket, LLc; $750,000 SBA Line of Credit; The company is a start up Research and Development Company for the new Medical Device called the LaserDock used in operating rooms. Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

AVF Construction

AVF Construction: $400,000 SBA Loan for purchase of commercial property, renovation of new property, working capital and equipment

Starting or expanding a business

Plan for your finances and have them in place before your business is off the ground.

Need Funding

Our firm is here to help you and your business grow and achieve your dreams

“I been dealing with Gary for over 10 year , he’s a great guy and goes all the way too help you. It’s never too late too give him a call and he’s never too busy for you , I’ve closed 8 deals with him & I wouldn’t change him for anyone, he’s the best in the business & he’s ma man….”

John Kerbatsos

Gary is the best that i know in the business. He does everything he can for you and your company and is efficient and quick!

Christina Kathryn Minnick

I have known Gary Venuto for over 25 years both professionally and personally. He is beyond reproach with a strict code of ethics & honesty and will explore every possibility for his clients best interest even at the risk of minimal financial personal gain. He is truly a diamond in the rough.”

Joseph Coughlin