Recently Funded Transactions

Funded Transactions and Projects BY Diversified COMMERCIAL LENDING SOLUTIONS GROUP, INC.

N Realty Investors

N Realty Investors; $400,000 Construction Loan; The company located in Parsippany New Jersey is a builder of high end residential homes

Patient Pocket, LLc

Patient Pocket, LLc; $750,000 SBA Line of Credit; The company is a start up Research and Development Company for the new Medical Device called the LaserDock used in operating rooms. Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

AVF Construction

AVF Construction: $400,000 SBA Loan for purchase of commercial property, renovation of new property, working capital and equipment

Randazzo Pizza

Randazzo Pizza; SBA $211,000 loan for renovations of a new restaurant. The company is located in Ocean City, New Jersey

Jimbo’s Restaurant

2400 Atlantic Holdings, LLC; $1,050 SBA acquisition loan for Jimbo’s Restaurant. The company is located in North Wildwood, New Jersey.


$450,000 SBA loan for debt consolidation and working capital loan.